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Sammy Emergency Roadside Assistance has a full fleet of trucks ready all day and night. Your vehicle will be treated here as if it was our own and will receive the care it requires. Keep our number handy so you’ll have someone to call when you need assistance getting your car back on the road.


Whether you need assistance with your car or truck, we have a solution. Don’t be afraid to contact us for anything from minor to major issues. Our team has all options ready for you all day and night!


Heavy-duty towing services are essential for anyone who owns or operates large vehicles or equipment. When a heavy vehicle breaks down or needs to be transported, call no other than Sammy Emergency Roadside Assistance, who has the most reliable and professional towing service that can handle the job safely and efficiently.


We understand how dangerous it is to tow heavy vehicles and how important it is to you, which is why we devote time to completely maintaining our wreckers so that we can provide the best service without delay. Sammy Emergency Roadside Assistance has been in this sector for 5 years and has experienced specialists who will ensure that your bus arrives safely and securely. So, if you need to tow your bus, give us a ring and we’ll come to your rescue.


We have the expertise needed for any type of light duty towing. Our drivers are ready all day and night to perform any towing job at a reasonable price.

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RV vehicles may be enjoyable for extreme adventures and long-distance travel. However, we understand how inconvenient it can be if it breaks down and needs to be towed to a repair shop. Sammy Emergency Roadside Assistance is here to help you by utilizing compatible equipment and trucks that will ensure a very smooth process and safely deliver your vehicle to your desired location.

About Us

Sammy Emergency Roadside Assistance is equipped with specialized trucks and equipment designed to transport a wide range of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, boats, and RVs. We are staffed by experienced and trained drivers and mechanics for roadside assistance who are able to handle any towing situation safely and efficiently.

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If you need trustworthy roadside assistance, go no further than our staff! We’ll make every effort to help you and your car get back on the road. Whenever you call us for assistance, our qualified mechanics are on call day and night to provide roadside assistance.






Why Choose Us

We understand how important and valuable your car is to you. This is why Sammy Emergency Roadside Assistance works for excellence at every stage of the towing process, from providing first-rate service to servicing cars quickly and with top-notch customer support while keeping prices low enough to fit any budget!


We have been providing excellent service as a top-rated towing company for many years. Our success was a result of taking our customer’s feedback seriously!

Arthur Lee

“The service from Sammy Emergency Roadside Assistance was prompt and efficient. Prior to the mechanic shop closing, they dropped off my car when they were scheduled to. I sincerely appreciate their kind support, and my family and friends would both benefit from knowing about them.”


Trish Foster

“Sammy Emergency Roadside Assistance was quick and did take the time to explain the process to me (which I really appreciate and made me feel at ease). I hope every towing business in town was like them!”


Leo Jackson

“I was surprised by the price of the service, it was lower than I expected it to be. The ride was safe and they dropped my vehicle to the nearest shop (they also recommended it). Overall, I was happy with the service!”


Becky Doe

“I was delighted with the service overall and the safe drive. They dropped off my car at the closest mechanic (which they also recommended). The service’s pricing caught me off guard; it was less than I had expected.”


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